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Captivate A Man is committed to helping women the world over experience the joy, love and passion that comes with experiencing a life changing relationship with that special man. We believe every women DESERVES that special guy in her life, a soul mate that makes life worth living. Someone to share the joys and sorrows of life.

After much research we came across a program that we feel gives women solid information on how to develop a deeply satisfying relationship with a man. Here is some information on the two men responsible for this widely successful program that has helped 100,000 of thousands of women in their relationships with men. We strongly encourage you to watch the accompany video to learn how this program can benefit you.

Jonathan Green

Jonathan Green, Author of Girlfriend in a Week, has personally worked with hundreds of men to improve their love lives and thousands more through his books and training videos.  For years Jonathan has helped men fix their dating lives and now he’s finally come over to the other side and is ready to reveal his secrets to women.

Jonathan has traveled the world training men privately and speaking at conferences, helping lonely men realize that love is possible for them.  As an expert at starting relationships, he has approached and spoken with over 35,000 women around the world in bars, clubs and even on the streets.

As one of the top dating coaches for men in the world, Jonathan is uniquely suited to show you EXACTLY what men are thinking and how to decode their strange behavior.  He knows every secret and strategy that men employ in relationships and he is ready to reveal them all.

TW “T DUB” Jackson: T Dub, Author of The Magic Of Making Up, has directly and indirectly helped over 100,000 couples in over 77 countries fix badly broken relationships.  In most cases, T Dub helps salvage relationships AFTER one party has already declared “it’s over” and when there’s only one person left trying desperately to save their marriage or relationship.

He is a pioneer in relationship bonding and re-bonding. T Dub discovered early on in his life that NOBODY is immune to the powerful principles of human bonding.  He is most happy when he is teaching men and women to form (or reform) strong bonds in their relationships, whether it’s starting a new relationship on the right foot, a mature relationship in need of new life, or a broken relationship requiring a drastic overhaul.

No description of T Dub is complete without giving credit to his best friend of 16 years, and a woman who he has learned so much from…his wife Jeannie.

Together T Dub and Jonathan Green have teamed up to create the Girl Gets Ring System, The First Non-Pushy Method Ever Created That Allows You To Stop Wasting Your Precious Time And Gain Virtually Any Man’s Total Devotion And Enthusiastic Commitment To You And Your Future Together…



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