Avoiding Superficial Relationships – Connecting On A Deeper Emotional Level

Are you using this simple technique that will have a man feeling you are the absolute best thing that has ever happened to him?

Avoiding superficial relationships and connecting with a man in a deep and personal way is possible. By understanding how men think going into a relationship you can do what is needed to build a relationship that is not only physically exciting but emotionally satisfying as well.

Men crave certain things in relationships as much as women do. Give a man what he most desires and wants and he will be yours for life. When ask what men want most in a relationship many women will respond with the well worn answer of sex. A clear distinction must be made. Men like sex with women but desire something much more important from a women they are in a relationship with.

Men desperately need to be appreciated. We have all seen or heard of men leaving a beautiful women for someone who was not as attractive and wondered what they could possibly see in such a women. What they wanted and what they received was a deep feeling of appreciation. Women look for men that can provide them with assurance and affection in a relationship. Men need to be appreciated. They will seek out women who they can give to and know the women is grateful for what they have done.

How to show appreciation to a guy is just as important as showing appreciation. The answer to that question depends on the guy and what he enjoys. As sexist as it may sound many men enjoy eating and whether you cook his favorite foods yourself or take him out to eat this is a great way of showing that special guy that you thankful for all he does for you.

Doing something with him that he enjoys but he knows that your not really in to is another way to let him know you are grateful for the things he does for you. Were not talking something extreme such as going on a camping trip for the weekend where you cook and clean up after him and seven of his buddies. But maybe the latest Transformer movie will be out this coming weekend and your offer to take him to see it lets him share one of his guy interests with you that he knows your not particularly into.

Most men will never admit it but they love to be acknowledged by women in front of other men. This could be anything from squeezing his arm in the company of other guys to sending a small gift to the place he works. He may be teased a little at work for receiving something from you but most guys will secretly appreciate it even if they won’t admit it.

The key to showing appreciation for any guy is to make it genuine. If he senses that you are only doing it to get something in return it can cause serious problems with in the relationship.

Appreciation is just one of the key critical elements in a successful relationship.
Learn the secrets that will take him from “Hello” to “I Do” faster than you could have ever imagined.



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