Maintaining Relationships Through Communication

Maintaining relationships through communication is key to the longevity of any relationship. No matter what attracted you to your guy be it the newness of the relationship, the great sex or common interests eventually the stability and long term success of the relationship is going to depend on how well you communicate.

Poor communication with the man you are attracted to can sink the relationship faster than the Titanic. By the time you realize what has happened it’s to late. Great communication between you and your guy can strengthen the love and trust you are beginning to forge. On the other hand poor communication can lead to interpretation of each others actions which in turn can lead to greater misunderstanding.

So in the interest of maintaining relationships through communication here are some things to keep in mind and work on  to make sure your communicating with your man at the highest level.

Listen to you guy with the idea of truly understanding what he is trying to communicate to you. Avoid solving problems unless he specifically asks. Sometimes he will just want to use you as a sounding board to get his feeling and frustrations out in the open. He might just be wanting to say whats on his mind and not be looking for an answer to his problem. Sometimes we women tend to get emotional when a man is talking to us. Avoid the temptation to put him down, accuse him of something or get agitated with what he is saying.

Maintaining relationships through communication are such an important part of developing that special bond with your man that it is well worth it to put some thought and effort into this important aspect of a healthy and happy relationship.


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